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The Sand2Pirls Market Signal is offered by Donald Pirl and his wife, Cynthia Pirl.

Donald Pirl has long been interested in computer modeling of dynamic systems, having studied computer models of living crop and coral reef systems in graduate research programs. Since the mid 1980s Don has worked in the Information Technology field writing programs to automate complex processes. For over a decade he worked as a Senior Systems Administrator for an innovative technology-oriented mortgage banking firm. With his ability to recognize and synthesize the critical factors in intricate systems, Donald likes to say he designs systems as simple as possible, but not any simpler. When Don began studying stock market investing he was struck by the critical importance of market timing. The Sand2Pirls Market Signal is one product of the application of Don's analytical abilities and interest in systems modeling to the arena of stock market timing.

When Don realized the potential of his market signal to help investors make safe and profitable trades, he began to consider offering it online. Cindy contributed to the development of the website through her skills as a graphic designer.

Cynthia Pirl's interest in the stock market deepened in the mid-1990s with shares of a successful IPO. In the spring of 2000 she realized that "buy and hold" was not a strategy that could be depended upon to work well in all market conditions and begun to study other approaches.

Don and Cindy Pirl are citizens of the WWW in many ways, having met and developed their California-Ohio relationship online. They met in person for the first time in Kansas City, where they became engaged. Cindy moved to California, where they now live in the San Francisco Bay Area. They have chosen the name of their business, Sand 2 Pirls, as a play on words referring their last name (pronounced 'pearl'), and to the process by which an oyster turns sand, an irritant, into pearls.

Don (or Donald) is a living human being, not a legal fiction. For further information, please see his Final Orders publicly posted at the Divine Province website.

CrossDaily.comAmong the many interests they share are investing and writing. They have co-written Intentional Investing, an e-book that examines various investment vehicles and within the context of the Christian faith, gives an introduction to those relatively new to investing.

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